Match Results must be texted on the night of the Match to 07955 333762.
This is the responsibility of Both Captains.

  Any results not texted, will result in the match being Void.  Results
  sheets must be returned to The Derby Tavern or  The Newcome Arms
  within one week of the Match.

  We ask for results reporting in 2 ways for the following reasons:

1. Text result, on the night.  These texts go to Martin so he can quickly
       gather the results to enable updated tables to be sent to The News
       at the weekend, for The News to publish on the Monday. Then this
       is used for the web site to be updated, as soon a possible, but at the
       latest before the following weeks match.  The target for this is
       Sunday/Monday each week.

   2. Results sheet, to be submitted within one week of the match.   This
       is the Official Record of the match played, the Captains signing that
       it an accurate record and the players signing for who they are.  This
       is also the only record of aggregate results and ultimately the core
       document for the resolution of any disputes.

   If the results sheets is not returned by the winning Team within one
   week, the winning Team result will be Void.