Division 6 Aggregate Results

League Singles Games Won after Game 11

(5 or more games won)

Number Won Player Team
8 Parnell K Nell Gwyne
7 Burns M The Tap B
7 Clarke C Oyster House B
7 Cummings D The Tap B
7 Grice C Oyster House B
7 Kilburn I The Tap B
7 Peachey D Old house at Home B
6 Gofton J Nell Gwyne
6 Mccreedy I Oyster House B
6 Smith D Shearer Arms A
6 White C Nell Gwyne
5 Beatty J Nell Gwyne
5 Bedford B Old house at Home B
5 Broadway A Shearer Arms A
5 Mizen S Oyster House B
5 Palmer J Shearer Arms A
5 Martin L Blue Anchor A
5 Morris J Artillery Arms C
5 Rankin D Milton Arms B