Division 2 Aggregate Results

League Singles Games Won after Game 11

(6 or more games won)

Number Won Player Team
9 Elverson C Phoenix Northend B
8 Pollard D Phoenix Southsea B
8 Powell H Coach and Horses
8 Wicks J Oyster House A
7 Aylett P Eastfield
7 Baldersow A Eastfield
7 Cooper C Jolly Taxpayer B
7 Elliott R Coach and Horses
7 Mills P Phoenix Southsea A
6 Cheatle J Derby Tavern A
6 Collis S Phoenix Southsea A
6 D Brooks R Eastfield
6 Farmery G Phoenix Northend B
6 Ging A Northcote A
6 Hind G Jolly Taxpayer B
6 Hood D Phoenix Northend B
6 Mcinnes J Oyster House A
6 Perry B Druids
6 Robinson H Oyster House A
6 Sullivan C Phoenix Northend B
6 Winter D Rose in June A