Diary - Winter League 2019

Date Day Round Fixture
02-Sep-19 Mon   Winter League Entry forms available
04-Sep-19 Wed   AGM
23-Sep-19 Mon   Winter League Registration Night
09-Oct-19 Wed   Presentation Night. Fixtures available for Winter League
16-Oct-19 Wed 1 Start of Winter League
23-Oct-19 Wed 2  
30-Oct-19 Wed 3  
06-Nov-19 Wed   Cup Preliminary Round (if over 64)
13-Nov-19 Wed 4  
20-Nov-19 Wed 5  
27-Nov-19 Wed 6  
02-Dec-19 Mon   Singles R1 Last 64
04-Dec-19 Wed   Cup R1 Last 64
09-Dec-19 Mon   Doubles R1 Last 64
11-Dec-19 Wed 7  
16-Dec-19 Mon   Mixed Doubles R1 Last 32
18-Dec-19 Wed 8  
08-Jan-20 Wed 9  
13-Jan-20 Mon   Singles R2 Last 32
15-Jan-20 Wed   Cup R2 Last 32 - Shield Preliminary Round (if over 32)
20-Jan-20 Mon   Doubles R2 Last 32
22-Jan-20 Wed 10  
29-Jan-20 Wed 11  
03-Feb-20 Mon   Mixed Doubles R2 Last 16
05-Feb-20 Wed 12  
10-Feb-20 Mon   Singles R3 Last 16
12-Feb-20 Wed   Cup R3 Last 16 - Shield R1 Last 32
17-Feb-20 Mon   Doubles R3 Last 16
19-Feb-20 Wed 13  
26-Feb-20 Wed 14  
02-Mar-20 Mon   Mixed Doubles Quarter Final
04-Mar-20 Wed 15  
09-Mar-20 Mon   Singles Quarter Final
11-Mar-20 Wed   Cup Quarter Final - Shield R2 Last 16
16-Mar-20 Mon   Doubles Quarter Final
18-Mar-20 Wed 16  
25-Mar-20 Wed 17  
30-Mar-20 Mon   Mixed Doubles Semi Final
01-Apr-20 Wed 18  
06-Apr-20 Mon   Singles Semi Final
08-Apr-20 Wed   Cup Semi Final - Shield Quarter Final
15-Apr-20 Wed 19  
20-Apr-20 Mon   Doubles Semi Final. Summer League Entry forms available
22-Apr-20 Wed 20  
27-Apr-20 Mon   Mixed Doubles Final
29-Apr-20 Wed 21  
06-May-20 Wed   Shield Semi Final. Any outstanding league games.
11-May-20 Mon   Singles Final. Summer League Registration Night
13-May-20 Wed 22  
18-May-20 Mon   Doubles Final
20-May-20 Wed   Cup and Shield Finals
22-May-20 Fri   Fixtures available for Summer League
27-May-20 Wed 1 Start of Summer League
29-May-20 Fri   Presentation Night